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Join us for this unique gathering to learn & practice biblical truths about worship & spiritual formation in the context of creativity, the artistic voice of God, & the transition from servanthood to sonship as our identity in Christ.  This mini-conference seeks to ignite greater depth worship, to practically equip people for a renewal of spirit-centered creativity in the spiritual formational process, & to propel us forward in artistic & spiritual maturity.


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May 26th, Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm  /
 Orientation  & Worship


May 27th, Saturday, 10am-3pm  /  Worship, Learning, & Break-out Sessions.


Hosted at 24-7 & led by Austin Biel, leader of Catharsis Worship School (bio here)


RSVP Required

Suggested donation of $15-20 

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Details & RSVP/Registration : Click Here 

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