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Lisa Koons is the Director of 24-7, holding 25 years of ministry experience in one-on-one discipleship, spiritual formation pastoring, church planting, & work in the missional fields of social justice. She has unique call to serve church & ministry leaders, & has a well earned reputation of doing great work in that calling. Lisa has been mentoring & providing spiritual direction & soul-care for Pastors & leaders all over the city for the past 15 years.


Rates: Free introductory consult.  Individual session rates are based on a sliding scale.

Click here for insight on spiritual direction unique to church & ministry leaders.

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Ron McClelland is devoted to assisting others in deepening their relationship with & devotion to God. The Holy Spirit is the Director, Ron sees his role as one who comes alongside as a guide or “Soul Friend” who has been trained to navigate the terrain. He received his BFA in Acting from Carnegie Mellon University, his MA in Theology and Culture (Christian Studies) and training in Spiritual Formation and Direction from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. Ron creates a safe, welcoming space for artists, creatives, & those who have felt disenfranchised from the church.

Rates: $50/hr. The directee agrees to meet for three initial sessions, after which we will evaluate the experience and discuss how we can best move forward together.

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Rebecca Hart partners with you to identify & remove what hinders love in relationships with others & yourself. Connecting the dots where spiritual practice & psychology meet, she brings to light the power & holiness of simple choices within our control & teaches skills to manage emotions, communicate, & develop boundaries or structure. Rebecca worked with teens & families in adjudicated & therapeutic programs for over 10 years before transitioning from mental health into the world of coaching as an ICF certified coach. Rebecca has a special knack for meeting any person wherever they are at a& helping them get “unstuck” or advancing into their calling & goals. Yet, she most often coaches women in leadership or seeking to be, parents struggling with teens, wandering young adults, as well as mentoring teens.


Rates: Free 20 minute introductory call. Individual sessions $50/hr or an 8-week coaching package for $325.  / Click here for more info about Rebecca


Daryl McCray is a life & leadership coach. Do you want a safe place in your life? Do you struggle with life issues? Do you have goals and dreams waiting to be fulfilled? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Daryl can help. he has a master's degree in theology and is called to influence and enrich the lives of people in a safe environment. he believes that God will use his nurturing heart to impact and empower you through his coaching and mentoring.

Rates: Free 30-minute Introductory Session. $50 per session & 6 weeks of 90 minute sessions for $500. Click here to contact Daryl