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Place & space for you to connect with God

and pray with others about what matters.




7pm  /  1st Tuesday of every month


nw17pm  /  2nd Tuesday of every month.

1 Unorchestrated hour  /  1 Theme

Music, communion, & creative liturgy so that, uninterrupted & in your own way, you can face the hard stuff & let it go.

Ancient Psalms, powerful spoken word, & lectio-style interaction with God meditating in scripture together around themes of prayer, mission, & justice.





1church110am  /  1st Fridays Monthly 
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10am / 2nd Fridays Monthly 

A gathering of those with a  huge heart for the church sharing impacting times of sacred dialogue, prayer, listening to God together, & doing strategic intercession for the issues & challenges of the global & local church.

Saturating America in all kinds of prayers for its leaders, its citizens, its institutions, its current issues, and the fulfillment of God's purposes & plans for its destiny.









Whether you're a part of a local church but want to challenge & deepen your discipleship journey, or not involved but crave a resourcing community, The Boiler Room could be a great fit in helping you fuel an addiction to walking with God while letting Him live out His mission through your skin. 



1st, 2nd, & 3rd Thursday of each month 7pm @24-7 





Interactive - Imperfect - Effective. To Everyon .




Are you interested in serving & loving on the homeless in Charlotte & surrounding communities? Join us for our Watchmen homeless visits where we go to homeless encampments to share meals, swap stories, minister to, & hand out basic provisions. 

Teams go & serve every 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

Join in Tuesdays at 5:45pm  / Meet us at e.15th St. / Church parking lot.

Text the word: Habit to 68398 for updates & outings to be sent directly to you.

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Street Ministry / 7:30pm - Friday -129 W.Trade St  /  King's Bakery

The vision of  Dream Center street ministry is to meet the physical needs of those afflicted by chronic homeless & build relationships that will allow for freedom, healing & an introduction to the radically transformative love of Christ. Everyone is welcome to join in. A little training, some prayer & then we hit the streets.




Click image for info on the 24-7 Prayer International Gathering happening in October 2017



Friday Night Street Ministry

7:30pm - Friday -129 W.Trade St

Everyone is welcome to join in:

A little training, some prayer & then we hit the streets.