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What Is Human Trafficking?

To be induced to perform sexual acts for profit or

induced into service or labor by force, fraud, or coersion.


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It's the illigal trade of humans against their will for the

purpose of sexual exploitation or  forced labor.

Human Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery.





Did you know N. Carolina ranks top ten in human trafficking nationally?


Did you know Charlotte ranks top 8 nationally in the trafficking of minors?



Raising awareness.  Resourcing activism.  Creating safehouses.

ESC exists to raise awareness about modern day slavery, 

 & to connect people with a wide variety of ongoing involvement

opportunities in the fight against human trafficking on the local front.










Individuals & Groups:

We educate,

equip, & engage,

people with 'best fit' 



in the work to end 

modern day slavery

in our corner of the world.


Because we serve as a volunteer clearinghouse for those wanting to get involved in the fight against human trafficking happening locally, we've created easy basic training resources & a stellar online Feild Guide that tracks every single volunteer through the stages of understanding what Human Trafficking is, what the roots of it are both in the cutlure & in the human heart, what it looks like to pray through it, to serve those who have been affected by it, to particpate in legislation against it, to particpate in the purchase of goods not touched by it, to raise awareness about it, & also to stand shoulder to shoulder with those on the front lines of the fight locally - All in ways that make sense to a volunteer's or a group's schedule & skill sets, we get people off the bench & into practical service working against human trafficking locally.   







We connect,


& help strengthen


anti-human trafficking

non-profit agencies.


We’re ccontinuing to connect with anti-human trafficking non-profit agencies in the city in order to help relationships within the advocacy community grow stronger - to help strengthen each organizations infrastructure in ways that better support their vision - to help them begin working together & working outward in more cohesive ways - to resource them with a steady supply of volunteers, & to assist with & promote a greater partnership between prayer & action.





 The SafeHouse Collaboration


There are less than 100 beds nationally for rescued minors. There are less than 200 beds nationally for rescued adults. As a result of this lack, law enforcement agents have been forced to simply jail rescued victims.

The SafeHouse Collaboration is about working together with churches, organizations, businesses, & other local anti-human trafficking agencies to help fill one of the greatest needs at the front of rescuing human trafficked victims - The need for safehouses. Places, not jail, where the victims can be taken to begin the long & complex journey back to wholeness.  


With one SafeHouse already aquired, furnished, & filled with rescued human trafficed victims, our goal is to have safehouses all over the Mecklenburg area.





 24-7 leaders spent most of 2013 researching modern day slavery globally, scouring the web to learn about those engaged in the fight nationally, & meeting with the FBI, law enforcement agencies, & anti-human trafficking non-profits locally. We also connected with church leaders, faith based groups of all kinds & sizes, business leaders, & ordinary Joes just wanting to learn more & get involved. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

The need is great.  The people involved are few.

Most people do not know there is a problem.  

Those who do are often unaware how bad the problem is, & especially how bad it is locally.

Local nonprofits working on these front lines need help to carry out their mission.

Local law enforcement agencies need & are asking for help.

There are a ton of ways to be involved even beyond working with non-profits & agencies.

When people discover Human Trafficking stats they often don’t know how to get started & feel ill-equipped to be involved.

ESC was born as a result of these facts. We exist to fill a unique but absolutely essential niche that addresses each of these issues head on. In all our research & conversations we discovered there is a need for a kind of central volunteer clearinghouse to get people informed, equipped, regularly fueled, & involved in the fight in an ongoing way that makes sense for their time, skill sets, & availability. ESC strengthens & resources local agencies, creates best fit strategies for groups & individuals, & uses an easy & engaging equipping curriculum to help turn volunteers into abolitionist.







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