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The mission of Justice247 is to create Christ-centered meaningful & impacting one time or short term outreach & service projects tailored to help youth groups, young adult ministries, & church groups of all kinds, get their feet wet or get full-on immersed in doing social justice & loving mercy among a wide range of the city's marginalized & poor.

Serve with the homeless.

Inner-city neighborhood based projects.
Work with the refugee communities.

Anti-human trafficking related serving. And more.

 All the places we're vested & serving in are all the places you can come too. 
 Groups of any size.  Half day.  Whole day.  Several days.  Yearly.  All logistics covered.

prayershotsPrayer is an integral aspect of our service projects. Prayer on the streets. Prayer with the marginalized. Prayer in our wildly creative prayer room. We integrate prayer corelating to the specific service theme a group is involved in for the day. And in ways engaging to both the long-time intercessors & those who think they are really, really bad at prayer. Whether for the young or the old, we're really great at tailoring Prayer-Shots that keep faith & story at the heart of the work.  

1-cinder-001Anchoring service day(s) to scripture is another aspect of how we do Justice247. Bible-shorts done in an interactive style helps keep the work of compassion, mercy, & serving  tied to  the heart of God, revealing social justice as a core value of the Kingdom & a way to do life as a follower of Christ. 




Because spiritual formation in the arena of justice is our aim, throughout the service day(s), unless otherwise requested, we include prayer shots, bible shorts & debreif time.  Afterwards, depending on your needs, we can also come alongside you in providing more long-term fuel, support, & continued oppurtunities to not just serve but also have groups build on-going relationships among the marginalized.




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