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Up to 80,000 refugees are legally admitted to this country every year.  Out of that 80,000, around 600 every single year are resettled in Charlotte, making us a major hub for refugees from all over the world. Many are familes & children.  They've all had to flee their homeland due to oppression, persecution, or war, & they're struggling to adjust to living in a country totally unlike the one that they left.

Currently, thousands upon thousands of refugees live in our city,

with more joining them on a weekly basis.


We work in the city's refugee community, building close mutually transformative relationships, helping them navigate the complex waters of simply getting established here, meeting basic needs, doing advocacy, creating & leading grassroots initiatives, as well as serving in a one-to-one capacity amoung both its leaders & kids alike.

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The Refugee Outreach Project partners individuals, families, small groups, & congregations with local refugee communities for ongoing short & long-term outreach, service projects, relationship building, & practical assistance, in an effort to embody the message of Jesus & bring transformation to local refugees through radical hospitality, selfless service, & a message of God’s love & ability to transform the human heart.


We also create, tailor, & shepherd best-fit involvement strategies

to help local churches fulfill their call to make disciples of all nations

& do justice among the international refugee community in a local context.

Helping the local church go into all the world when all the world
has moved into our own backyard - This is what we do.