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  • From outreach & evangelism, to all facets of spiritual formation, for us, mission is all about the great commission of  "Go & make disciples...": Those who are passionately after God's heart, who are consistently growing in His likeness, & who are carrying out His Life's work in the context of their own unique callings. God has called us to help equip individuals, groups, ministry leaders, congregations, & nieghborhoods to become that kind of apprentice of Jesus. 









+ Re-exploring ancient spiritual disciplines in fresh new ways +


Participants are invited to step out of the whirlwind of their pace of lives & into the sacred spaces of 24-7 to move through a well designed, easy to engage mix of prayer & practices, liturgy & lessons, & life-altaring time focused on you slowing down to get spiritually refreshed, challenged, & re-equipped. Strategically themed one-on-one quality time between you & God, & interactive learning sessions with others.

Gently piercing.  Intensely practical.  Hosted quarterly.





A weekly small gathering to pour fuel on your journey with God. Open to everyone


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24-7 Monastic Retreats

Spend 3 days with us at a local monastary learning about the spiritual practices that recalibrate & nourish your soul. 


Summer & Fall dates TBA





Digital Detox Retreats 


We've created a detox experience hosted in the Prayer Room where individuals can unplug for one clutter-free, stripped down day to reconnect with God & with themselves. A day to slow to a full stop, to pray, read, refect, & engage bite-sized learning sets on how to establish bounderies that stem the tide of your tech addiction in order to pursue a well fueled addiction to Christ..



24-7 offers new stellar seasonal workshops where individuals & groups can gather & learn how to create a cohesive plan of action for the trajectory of ther spiritual formation life.

Crafting a rule of life that's intensly practical & intensly personal.  Great for individuals, small groups, & leadership teams.


Next Workshop is coming April 29th.

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You pour into others.

But who pours into you?


For over a decade, 24-7 has spiritually nurtured & discipled Pastors, ministry leaders, & marketplace leaders from all over the denominational landscape.


We offer a wide-range in types of personalized leadership support, from discipleship, Pastoral care for Pastors, mentoring, counseling, spiritual coaching, & ministry team spiritual development..








24-7 East

-sending 24-7 missionaries locally-



24-7 does outreach in conjunction with local churches.  The mission of 24-7East is to assist local congregations with 24-7 resources, in order to help energize & forward the church's mission to include non-traditional approaches that embody the kingdom & invite others into it in ways impacting both the congregation & the nieghborhood the church is planted in.


We are currently working on the east side of the city.





24-7 Internships


Charlotte, North Carolina is the site of one of the 24-7Prayer movement's largest & longest running prayer rooms, where the widest diversity of spiritual, denominational, & cultural diversity converge. Spend a season with 24-7 learning & practicing the rhythms of Prayer, Mission, & Justice.


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