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 The Boiler Room is an expression of discipleship-centered community at 24-7.

The vision is Jesus. Dangerously, Obsessively, Undeniably Jesus.

Centered in the rescue shop that is the 24-7 Prayer room, Boiler Room is a collection of imperfect followers of Christ from all over the age, denominational, & spiritual landscape. We engage the spiritual disciplines, & practice rhythms of prayer, mission, & justice with tons of laughter, feasting, creativity, & raw simplicity of devotion to Christ. 



Relationally oriented, we consist of those who are members of local churches, & those who are not.  Some who are kickstarting & some who are augmenting their spiritual formation. Cultivating a contagious, white-hot, burning love for God, & learning to consistently give him our skin to express Himself through...


Everything we do is toward this end

Intensely interactive, from kids to adults, we shoulder close in weakness & strength for relevant exchanges of encouragement, truth-swapping, sharpening, soaking, confession, refueling, learning, & 'got-your-back' support, while immersing in the adventures of growing in full obedience toward God - epic in love for others - compelling & missional in the world around us. 



Boiler Room is an eclectic blend of new monastic community:

A DNA mix of an AA meeting meets Bonhoeffer meets Pixar Studios

Bono meets Big Bird meets C.S.Lewis - Foster & Eugene Peterson meets Jay-Z.


Tribe Gathers:

4:30p-6:30p the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Saturdays of the month,

& connects one-on-one organically all along the way.